French Cuisine 101 – Simplement Français

by My French Heaven

Pas besoin de traduction ici! Si? Bon, je leur explique simplement que s’il y à trois ingrédients à toujours avoir dans sa cuisine, ce sont du beurre, de l’ail et du persil. Comme le savent tous mes chers compatriotes, une bonne persillade, ça va avec tout, c’est facile et c’est pas cher:0)IMG_2925

This is one of the absolute basics of French cuisine: always have butter, garlic and parsley in the house. Melt the butter in a pan, add thinly chopped parsley and the garlic at the end (1 minute before you’re done). No need to cook it really. You just need the butter to be melted and the parsley and garlic to warm up a little. Salt and pepper to taste.

This goes with almost anything: all pasta, all meats, all fish, left overs, risotto, toasts… Even frogs and snails for you Indiana Jones of the culinary world.

Anyway, simple, fast, cheap and practical. I always have those three ingredients in my kitchen:0)