Raw memories! – Simplement cru!

IMG_0594 _Snapseed

L’une de mes crudités préférées. Un peu de beurre, un peu de sel et mes souvenirs d’enfance reviennent à la vie…

One of my favorites things to eat raw. A little bit of butter, a little bit of salt and all my childhood memories come back to life…


      • Yes, I saw your advice to others. I was at the Farmers Market this weekend and I saw some. They were tiny, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it to try it raw. I should have. But I didn’t. Maybe next weekend if they have them. :-)

  1. We can eat this raw?? My goodness why didn’t I know about this before. Thank you for getting me out of my ignorance as I love artichokes but hardly ever make them myself because I think its too complicated….

  2. My mother never made artichokes. Nor did my grandmother. I’ve only made dips with them, and then I’ve used canned hearts for that. They are such a pretty edible, but I have no idea how to prep them and what parts to eat vs. what parts to throw away.

    • Just keep the center. Throw away all the leaves and the stuff inside that looks like blond hair. Only eat the yellow/white “meat at the centre either raw or boiled with vinaigrette. If they are organic, you can drink the water you boiled them in. It is great for the liver… ;)

    • They always are! I think the sense of smell plays a big role here. It always triggers my memories “It smells like home. It smells like mom’s cooking. It smells like roasted chestnuts in October…”

  3. Oh I love, love, love artichokes and I’m with you on just a bit of butter and salt; that’s all they really need to make them shine. I especially like them cold the next day, after I’ve grilled or steamed them…is that weird? :)

  4. When I was a kid living in France, we ate those with a simple vinaigrette (oil, vinegar) or lemon. My favorite crudité to eat with butter and salt is radishes :) MMmmm… des bons radis du jardin.

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