Please help me find my props!!

This is a call for help my friends. I love  old enamel dishes and I have NONE. They would be the perfect props to display French dishes and fresh produce. I have looked for them in every antique store and brocante I could think of and have always come back empty handed. I think the reason they are so rare (besides the fact that they aren’t made anymore) is that although they were very cheap to buy, they very expensive to repair and people would just throw them away…

Does any one of you know where I can find enamel dishes? A good website maybe?



  1. Hello, I did a quick search on Google for ‘enamel dishes’ and it came up with plenty of sites selling new (mostly plain) dishes, bowls and plates. Is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

    i live in Marseillan and we have a ‘puce’ every Saturday and Sunday all year but it would be used dishes rather than new, if any.

    If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, Pesetas is famous for its Brocante and has many many bro antes/antique shops in town.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!

    Kind regards

    (A friend of Rod and Paige – a lovely Australian couple who stayed with you last year – that’s how I came to know of your (fabulous) blog).

    • Thank you so much Pauline! That helps and I will check it out given the chance. Please give my best to Paige and Rod if you talk to them :)

    • That is very kind of you Diana. I am looking for old ones though, the ones that are a little bit ruff on the edges :) Thanks again!!!

      • Stephane! They will become ‘old and rough’ with use…don’t forego an opportunity like this! Otherwise, I’d suggest you just Google/Bing and see what you can find; there could be some a bit closer to you! Good luck!

  2. Mmm, not sure, but I inherited a white enamel bowl with a red piping line around rhe edge feom my mom when she passed away. I had no idea they are ao rare these days. It is also in great shape.

  3. You should do a trip through Spain and Portugal. You won’t find much enamel, but quite a lot of rustic ceramics that are incredibly cheap and photograph beautifully. They usually keep the very gaudy stuff up front for tourists, but if you ask for the more simple versions in just blue and white or monochrome, there’s good stuff.

    • Thanks for all your help Francesca!! It seems the best ones are in the UK or the States. French ebay has a limited choice of old items or too many coffee pots… Thanks again for your precious help!!!

  4. You are right, there are sites over here that sell them. Would it be a difficult or impossible transaction? I saw vintage french enamelware on Ebay, is it international? Hope you find some, I can only imagine your photography using old enamelware.

    • I know! I can’t wait to find the right items. Ebay seems like the best way to go but I am still trying to find some locally…

    • I was just intruduced to Etsy. Great site! How I wish I could go to the Brooklyn Flea market with you… I mis NY!!!

  5. I have some exactly like this, because I too collect them Before the bushfire of 2009 here in Melbourne, I had many French ones- around 20, but most were destroyed. I managed to save three, they look a little worse for wear, but are still my favourite props. Have you tried ebay?

    • Yes, I’ve been using different keywords and found quite a few. It is now a question of having to ship them back to France as most of the best ones are in the UK or the US… The funny thing is that most items originated from France :)


    I went on eBay & searched enamelware~only 2,493 results! The enamelware I have bought on eBay has been from France!!! There are several vendors: I like “Lesley & Geoff” (I believe is the name of their site, but a search will turn them all up for you.) Best wishes & Thank You for your thoughtful as well as visually delightful posts! <3, Susan

    • The French e-bay is quite pathetic. I may buy from e-bay UK or US. It will be funny to bring old dishes back to where they came from originally ;) :)

  7. I have one. But, it is not gong to France. I hate to say that the guy I bought it from had eight. I didn’t want eight (fear of the Wife’s reaction). He wanted €5 for the eight and gave me the one for €1. We both thought we had done well. I now regret leaving the seven behind. I promise to keep an eye out for you.

    • Ebay is a great source thank you!!! I was using the wrong keywords I guess. The French e-bay has a very limited choice…

    • I think I may find what I need through these two sites. Thank you so much! Etsy is really really nice… :)

    • That looks perfect, but all the stores that carry the brands are in the States. I’ll keep looking. Thanks a lot though!! :)

      • If this is the only problem, this is easy! You can order and ship to my home address, and I will be glad to ship it to you. Or may think of someone who will be flying to France and can take it with them – I would be glad to do it too, but I don’t think I’m going to France this year…

        • You are too too kind my friend. It seems that most vendors will ship to France though… Thanks again!!!

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