The best Foodie Day ever!

Friends and Foodie DaysOysters

I call days I spend touring Bordeaux and cooking with my guests: Foodie Days. A few weeks back, Nancy and Emerson spent two Foodie Days with me. One was centered around local history; the other one, on Sunday, was all about food. That Sunday, I picked the couple at their hotel in Bordeaux and we headed for my home town of Libourne to go to the farmers’ market. We picked-up some seafood, artichokes, lots of cheese and lots of cakes and then went to my favorite bakery to get fresh bread. The bread just came out of the oven and was so hot I could barely hold it…

Cheese from Pierre's

We then went to my house and started cooking together. We spent almost 4 hours cooking one dish after the other and drinking wine. While the artichokes were being steamed, Nancy had a dozen oysters on the half shell; and while the scallops were cooking, Emerson devoured his artichokes. Emerson was also very excited to learn a new French word: Hummmm, which means Yummmm (foodies like us don’t need that many words to make ourselves understood) :0)

ArtichokesFresh langoustinesscallops

I particularly liked the warm langoustine salad we made: just steam or sauté your langoustines (or prawns) in olive oil, place them on mixed greens while they are still warm and add a vinaigrette made of extra virgin (always) olive oil and raspberry vinegar. Delish!

Warm langoustine salad

All of my guests are such interesting characters. I always learn something from them and it makes me so happy to share my love for food and France with them.

Next to visit is my darling Mimi (from Chef Mimi’s Blog) with her daughter Emma. They fly in on Wednesday and will stay 4 days with me. I have put together an itinerary I trust they’ll enjoy. It includes farmers’ markets in the mornings, brocantes and antique shopping, food photography and lots (LOTS) of cooking. I know Mimi wants to try frog legs, one of my absolute favorites! I cannot wait for Wednesday!!



  1. Oh…remember when I was talking to you about a certain “heritage” and about the REAL love for what you do…..?? I am sure you do remember this…As you see….my observations were right at the time…!

  2. Absolutely divine Stephane. I particularly love the scallop pic, they just look so fresh, like I could pick them off the screen and eat them! No way will I miss catching up with you next time I’m in your area.

  3. It’s 4:30 PM and trying to hang in for a 7PM dinner at a friend’s place. I shouldn’t have looked at your post this late in the afternoon…nowI’m ravenous. Beautiful images… much better than Instagram!

  4. Amazing as always! I haven’t been online much with spring gathering a great head of steam around here and I have been missing you. I need a frequent dose of My French Heaven.

  5. Wow. This sounds like such a wonderful afternoon. It really is amazing to cook with other cooks after gathering ingredients. I don’t do this enough. Cooking with Mimi is going to be a blast. Enjoy!

  6. Slightly jealous of Chef Mimi, and am sure it will be a wonderful 4 days! Next time I get a decent holiday, I’d love to come to France and visit your region, all these photos, and bread straight from the baker’s oven!

  7. Everything looks delicious…and to dine and cook in such an enjoyable way…et vos photos sont magnifiques. Mais je peut pas manger les jambs de greneuilles ? Frogs. :-/

  8. Now I’m even more excited! Such brilliant photos.
    PS: I’ve had frog legs. I want to cook and eat seafood until it comes out my ears!!!!!!
    Seulement quatre jours!

    • Oh we’ll eat seafood alright ;) There is a monkfish and roasted tomato terrine recipe I want to try… I don’t know if you ever had lobster from Britany. I’d love to see how you like it. The texture is very different (in a good way)…

  9. What a great post…it looks like they had a great time – but who wouldn’t – there’s just lots of great food & culture here & with you as their historical and culinary guide – they were set!! I’m sure they appreciate Southern France even more after spending those special days with you! Your photos – as usual, are amazing! Those artichokes..hummm… – you know…I’m now tempted (do note the word tempted) to buy a pressure cooker so I can enjoy artichokes more often as they cook so much faster…(to be enjoyed that much quicker). Have a great rest of the weekend!

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