• I’m glad you found the blog too! You will LOVE St Emilion, especially if wine is your thing… Have a lovely stay!!

    • Thanks Sarah Jane! It means a lot coming from you! I just wish you’d post more often on your great blog… Thanks again!!!

      • Yeah, I’ve been a little lax on posting lately. Hubby’s been doing most of the cooking. I’ll have to get back at it. …and your welcome for the nomination. You deserve it!

  1. What a beautiful place to live. Visited St Emilion many years ago – my son took his first steps at a vineyard there which I hope isn’t a sign I should be concerned about! Hope to come back again some time.

  2. I forgot to say on my previous post. I will be listing your blog as a site for my students to visit. I teach beginners at university level. Please keep your blog going….I want to share your beautiful photography of France with my students. À bientôt.
    Sheila from MyKentuckyLiving

  3. Thank you. Merci pour suivant mon “blog” MyKentuckyLiving. J’enseigne le Français aux débutants chez moi. Autrefois j’ai habité Aix-en-Provence quand j’étais plus jeune. Ça faisait beaucoup d’ans lá bas!
    Je vais montré vôtre blog aux étudiants. La rentrée va arriveé dans deluxe semaines chez moi…Kentucky.
    a bientôt. Sheila

  4. Hi Stephane! I love your blog especially the beautiful pictures of your region. It reminds me of my sejours in Dinan, Bretagne when I was in my first year in university.

    Warm greetings from Indonesia,

    • Thank you so much Indah! I would love to visit Indonesia one day. I’m afraid of the spiders and snakes though… I guess I can learn how to catch them and cook them ;)

  5. Hey Stephane!!!! How are you doing? Dropping in a line to check since I haven’t heard from you in a while. Missing the wonderful posts!!

    • Oh thank you for your concern my friend!! First I was too busy to post and now I seem to be missing inspiration. I am also trying to improve my photography skills. I fell in love with a new style of food photography and I am in the process of perfecting my own style from it…

  6. HI Stephane, I can’t seem to receive your comments and posts even though I have changed settings and re did the ‘follow’ several times. I wonder if it is something on your side? Missing the posts!

    • I am so sorry to hear that. I’m afraid there is no solution as I have been battling for months with WordPress and they haven’t been able to help. Others with the same problem were able to solve it by signing-up with a different e-mail… I hope you keep reading

  7. Absolutely Beautiful. Thanks for liking my post on Searching Sophia’s Pockets. I hope we can chat more about America, France and Germany, where I now live. Also I think the link to the B&B site is down.
    Autumn Elizabeth

    • Thanks Autumn (what a great name you have!). I checked and the link to the B&B seems to work properly… Thanks again!

  8. Stephane,
    Although I hesitate in calling my list of things I want to do a “Bucket List,” I definitely want to come to Bordeaux and get in the kitchen with you.

  9. I think heaven would be in for a challenge. lol Your place is a dream! Amazing, what beauty God and man can create together. Wish I started blogging sooner, to have enough followers to enter your contest. What a great idea.

    To a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    A New Follower

  10. Glad you liked my recipe blog so that I found out your blog. I would try to response in French, but I am little rusty. We lived in Tours for a year almost 20 yrs ago when I fell in love with France.

    • C’est vraiment très sympa Mathias!! Tu sais que j’adore ta vision du monde aussi (au propre comme au figuré:0). Merci infiniment!! Tu passes bouffer quand tu veux:0)

      • Merci Stéphane !! Ce sera avec un grand plaisir que je viendrai gouter à un de ces délices que je peux voir sur ton blog !! Je descends de temps en temps sur Bordeaux … ma soeur y habite :)

        • Cool! Ca me fera plaisir de rencontrer non seulement un blogger, mais surtout un vrai photographe. J’ai bien des choses à apprendre!!

    • Thank you so much Elisabeth! I love your photography as well. I wish I could find a way to become a photographer and get paid for it… Any tips?

  11. Hello, i’ve come across your foodie blog thanks to Gem from (a fat girls guide) lovely recipes and photos here – very nice!
    ~ Laura, England x

    • Thanks a lot Julie. I am having so much fun with it. I must say that the feedback I get from my most loyal readers (like you) brings me a lot of joy. Funny how a few comments here and there can make you feel so special. Thanks again for coming so often! Have you entered the contest yet?

  12. Hey thank you so much for liking my post, I really appreciate it as i’m still at the beginning of my journey as a food blogger! Thank you for your support and I’ll strive to come up with more amazing singaporean food reviews! :)

    • GREAT! I am dying for great recipes from Asia!! Good luck with the blog. It’s really fun you’ll see. It opens your world to so many great people with common interests…

  13. Bonjour! I just stumbled on your blog when I was searching for details on the symbolism of the rooster in France. (We just got back from our first visit to Paris and other northern points along the Seine.) What A delight! I appreciate your multi-sensory approach to life. I look forward to exploring your site. The photographs are lovely. Enjoy your next phase of your life.

  14. I just went through this promising and up rising blog! Great minds often deal with great challenges in a so ordinary and humble fashion than their path become as extra-ordinary as inspirational…All the best for you Stéphane…Amicalement vôtre, Vincent Corréa (Paris)

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