I have beds, I have breakfast and… I have the wine!

With close to 11000 châteaux and more than 20000 wines around the B&B, you could stay with me for years and never have the same wine for dinner twice :0) Saint-Emilion alone is the size of Burgundy! So, as I was saying, I have rooms, and breakfast is waiting for you by the pool! When…

Crème caramel and other old things worth fighting for

You see, I love my old things, and this morning when Charlotte (my thirty year old VW Golf for those of you who are new to the blog) broke down, I had to decide if she was worth the money and effort to fix her. The thing about old objects I have owned for so…

Stephane’s cheap philosophy Wednesday: the little car that could

I’ll try to steer clear of the usual self help clichés: Be positive! Make a difference! Yes we can… Cheap self help “philosophy” makes me gag! It’s just that I saw one of our country’s most iconic cars in the street earlier today and it got me into thinking. About my life, my contribution to society yadi…

Welcome to The Four Seasons… of France

There are Farmers’ markets in every town and every village around here. Not one day of the week without a proper market less than 30 minutes from the house. Some are grand, some are small. Some feel more authentic than others. All are quite special in their own way. Visiting them as often as I do is very inspiring and motivating for a foodie like me!

Duck breast with honey and balsamic apricots

Sear a duck breast on low heat. Fat side first! Get rid of the excess fat in the pan as you go. Keep about 4 tablespoon worth of the sweated fat towards the end. Keep it in the pan.
Take the meat out (it should still be a little bloody in the center) and place the apricots cut in half in the pan where the duck fat remains. Sear them 5 minutes on each side until they brown slightly.
Add 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey, salt and pepper to taste
Put the meat back in the pan (30 seconds on each side to warm it up)

My French Heaven, the book?

My dear friends and fellow bloggers Tamara Lee, Elizabeth Thomas, Steve Courmanopoulos and several others have been encouraging me to write a book. I’ve always wanted to do it. I don’t know why and I honestly don’t want to brainstorm too much on the matter. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll find out that I am even…

Bloody Mary Calamari

I was nursing my delicious drink in the garden, a lightbulb went off in my little head: what if I made a Bloody Mary sauce for my calamari?!

Of passion, horses and positive change

I am trying to read more blogs these days. It is such a motivating and inspiring thing to do. There is just so much passion, talent and willingness to share positive vibes in this otherwise gloomy, stupid and violent world… A French “philosopher” (it always blows my mind that people would have the nerve to…

A tribute to nana Anna

The only thing to really worry about when making risotto (besides the quality of your ingredients of course) is the cooking time

A taste of childhood bliss

My best memories of Greece are about the people. They are the most generous and kind people you can ever hope to meet. And the food… Oh my god, the food… Incredible seafood of course, but also souvlaki and of course the famous Greek Salad. Truly the taste of my childhood!! Pure bliss…

Have the pie and eat it too!

I find it much better to enjoy the present moment. Scratch that! To enjoy the instant! So to hell with my diet and hello gorgeous, scrumptious, juicy strawberry pie!

Of castles, roses and a laughing donkey

One of my very favorite spots to walk is in the fields around a medieval castle near my house. There I can fill my lungs with clean air and my head with cleaner thoughts… It is such a lovely spot. Picture “Game of Thrones” without the dragons or the Lanisters. Heaven!

Are Foodies the chosen people? I believe we are!

We are the chosen ones, the VIPs of this earth, because we care. We care about ourselves, we care about others and we care about living the life we were lucky enough to be given to the fullest. Getting way too philosophical here. All I mean to say is that if there is a group of people that always finds a way to make the world a happier place, it is indeed Foodies!

Wild asparagus surprise

I went to the market on Sunday to get some asparagus and came across bunches of wild asparagus. I had seen them on a book cover a long time ago and had always wanted to try some. I expected them to have very little taste and a texture that could only please a cow… I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Ugly is only skin deep!

Today I simply poached my monk fish in Chardonay (with bay leaves, fresh thyme and fenel sprouts + salt and pepper). A thick filet takes about 12 minutes on medium heat. Please be careful though, as the texture turns to dry rubber when overcooked. I then made a few fresh baby spinach sweat in a tablespoon worth of extra virgin olive oil; et voilà. I added a cold sauce made of “fromage blanc” and chives from the garden as well as a few strips of bacon