A late late late harvest…

it will be a terrific vintage in the likes of 2005 and 2009. Great harvest conditions and ideal weather throughout the Summer. A heat wave in August burnt part of the fruit though. Most châteaux in Saint-Emilion had to go through their vineyard twice in order to sort through the grapes. The sugar content was so high on some lots, that it will be chemistry 101 to try and bring the overall harvest down to the usual 13 or 14° (alcohol).

Wild asparagus surprise

I went to the market on Sunday to get some asparagus and came across bunches of wild asparagus. I had seen them on a book cover a long time ago and had always wanted to try some. I expected them to have very little taste and a texture that could only please a cow… I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Ugly is only skin deep!

Today I simply poached my monk fish in Chardonay (with bay leaves, fresh thyme and fenel sprouts + salt and pepper). A thick filet takes about 12 minutes on medium heat. Please be careful though, as the texture turns to dry rubber when overcooked. I then made a few fresh baby spinach sweat in a tablespoon worth of extra virgin olive oil; et voilà. I added a cold sauce made of “fromage blanc” and chives from the garden as well as a few strips of bacon