My BBQ Shrimp recipe in a love letter to America

It’s the Brennan recipe for BBQ shrimp except for the amount of butter, the shallot and the type of beer I use. These variations came from a dear dear friend of mine. We worked together at the Ritz on Canal Street. She was a housekeeper, about 60 years old then, and a TRUE born and bred New Orlean. Her name was Miss Catherine. Did I not promise authenticity?!

A tribute to nana Anna

The only thing to really worry about when making risotto (besides the quality of your ingredients of course) is the cooking time

The most succulent Jack Daniels prawns

This is so easy, fast (super fast), juicy and so delicious; and like with my salmon tartare or my olive chicken, this is one of those dishes that everyone loves! I’ve been cooking this for dinner parties for as long as I can remember. Actually, I must confess that I often make this dish just…