A special vichyssoise for my muses

If potato leek soup has never been anything new, the French Chef of The Ritz-Carlton New York (the original one), woke up one day and decided he would serve it cold. His name was Louis Diat and the year was 1917. Louis was born near the town of Vichy in France. Soup is a feminine word in French “UNE soupe” and since ladies who live in Vichy are called Vichyssoises… there you go :0) vichyssoise, bordeaux, bordeauxwinetours, winetoursinbordeaux, cookingclassbordeaux, cookingclassinbordeaux, frenchfood, frenchsoup, francetravel, whattodoinbordeaux

Where are the grandmas when you need one?

I often turn to complete strangers at the farmers’ market or supermarket for cooking advice and inspiration :0) I try to target a lady with a bag full of what I think are interesting ingredients. She would be my nana for the day. That would make for a great business idea: rentanana.com… Don’t you think?