About me

IMG_6613_Snapseed (copy)My name is Stéphane. I am the Son, Grandson and Great Grandson of Bordeaux Wine Merchants. My Dad wanted me to become a Lawyer; I wanted to be a Chef. I kind of won on that one… After one lousy year of law school I was off to Lyon (Eastern France, near the Alps) to study cooking and Hotel Management with Paul Bocuse (for the younger readers, Paul was the Alain Ducasse of the 70s).

I soon discovered that if cooking was a passion, I was not born with a high level of tolerance for the physical and mental abuse it took to become the great Chef I aspired to be.

I was hired at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta right after graduation with a Master’s Degree in Hotel Administration in my pocket. After a few months there as a server, I was offered a position in Human Resources where I spent the next 10 years. At that point I had worked at 7 Ritz-Carlton properties and had become Area Director of Training and Organizational Effectiveness for Northern California.

Missing family and friends and wanting to start my own company, I moved back to France in 2005. I started a very successful Bed & Breakfast in the family home near Saint-Emilion and ran it for the next six years.

Then, in January 2011, disaster struck. I had to undergo open heart surgery.

I came out of the ordeal with a new take on life, convinced of the following:

  1. We REALLY can die at any time. I know what a huge cliché this is, but I have seen the tunnel and the light and everything (I haven’t really seen the light but I’m sure it was there somewhere…)
  2. Family is everything. EVERYTHING!
  3. Not one minute of our life should ever be wasted on things or people we don’t truly appreciate and are energy suckers. These people and situations are to be avoided at all costs!
  4. We must feed our minds and spirit with the things that we love the most. Mine are food (mostly eating it) and photography. I am a very visual person…
  5. Karma’s a bitch! Do the right thing!!
  6. Whoever we are, we were born to shine a unique light, big or small, upon the world
  7. Making people feel important and strong through genuine care and personal attention helps you get closer to them and them closer to you. That is how you create a meaningful life and legacy.

So here is my little blog. I will use it to share all the things I love the most. I will try to make it more than just food and pretty pictures. I have a lot to share about what I think it means to feed/nourish oneself and others.

I believe that with the proper food for our body and soul, we truly become invincible!