A year in my French heaven – 2013 en images sur Instagram

I have been using Instagram for almost a year now. I am mad about it… I thought I’d share some of my favorite picture posts as a way to recap 2013 here in my French heaven. So, from Bordeaux to the Dordogne and from my kitchen to the Farmers’ market, here is my French heaven in 2013.

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Cela fait presque 1 an que je m’éclate sur Instagram. Depuis le Cap Ferret jusqu’à notre belle Dordogne; de ma cuisine au marché, voici donc 2013 en image dans mon paradis Français.

Vous pouvez me suivre sur Instagram à myfrenchheaven

35 Comments Add yours

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thank you Kristele!

  1. I’m honored, my mug made the cut!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Of course! 🙂

  2. Clanmother says:

    I am so glad that we are connected on Instagram!! Thank you for your invitation. Everyday, I can stop by for a visit. It is like you are in the next room.

  3. chef mimi says:

    I drool over your photos, even when there is no food pictured!

  4. juliabarrett says:

    You are so talented. Incredible images.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Instagram can make anybody look very talented 😉 but thank you 😉 🙂

  5. saucygander says:

    Stephane, you make me wish there was a way to turn these images into a 3D hologram or something! (can you tell we’ve been watching Star Trek?)

  6. Gorgeous, Stéphane! Perhaps this summer Bill and I will be in France to visit his sister and husband near Dijon and we’ll have beautiful photos like this to share. Hope your new year is off to a wonderful start.


  7. Have just discovered your blog.Lovely photos. Look forward to seeing more! I must get into Instagram. Looks like a great tool.

  8. Bra-vo! Thank you for sharing, have a beautiful 2014, too!

  9. Michelle says:

    J’aime Instagram!

  10. Serena says:

    These gorgeous photographs truly are a piece of heaven!

  11. reggiorif says:

    I never get tired of looking at your pictures… I wish I could swap my camera for yours but unfortunately, it’s not the camera that makes the photographer 😉

  12. delna says:

    j’adore ! j’adore!
    originally from india but lucky to have lived in brussels for 3 yrs -had been completely in love with the french way of life , be it cooking n eating, drinking wine or just enjoying the fresh markets/
    always look forward to your blog postings and admire all thats french

  13. Oooh! I just finally caved in and signed up for instagram. I haven’t started diving in with the photos yet but I will definitely sign up to follow you!

  14. I will have to sign-up for instagram for the sole purpose of following you. I could take a swim in these gorgeous photos. Take good care, Shanna

  15. Amanda says:

    Stunning. Thanks for sharing. It really is so beautiful.

  16. What a beautiful year!

  17. connie.n.w. says:

    it’s wonderful seeing all these photographs knowing they represent a whole year of memories. awesome job and very beautiful. connie

  18. These are really nice images. I love the poppies. 🙂

  19. americanmominbordeaux says:

    Love it!! Instagram is the best! I use it all the time too! I love how you put all your photos together. Have you have thought about doing a photobook? You photos are so beautiful that I’m sure it would be a great souvenir for your guests. Oneof my goal for 2014 to make it to “your” market in Libourne!! Thanks as always for sharing – your photos are always a pleasure to look at and such a peaceful way to end my hectic day!

  20. What a lovely year in photos!

  21. anniedm778 says:

    What beautiful photos! Love it!

  22. Vinny Grette says:

    Love your photos! Would it be fairly easy to explain how you get your pictures to nest like this? Is there a tool on wordpress, or if not, could you copy the code from the text view of wordpress to show me how it’s coded? If so you can send it to me at sharon711@sympatico.ca. I’d be grateful!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      It’s super easy Sharon. Just go into import media as you do whenever you want to import a picture. You will find a “create new gallery” tab on the left. Have fun!

  23. You have a good eye and that makes you an excellent photographer, Stéphane!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      You are kind dear Maggie! How was your holiday season this year? I always imagine magical things happening around Christmas in your beautiful country 🙂

    1. My French Heaven says:

      😉 🙂

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