My virtual mentors are my angels: great inspiration for creative minds

Now, as I am in the process of building a new website dedicated to my photography and since I am a Youtube nut, I wanted to share some really inspiring people and videos to you. Coming across this material and “meeting” these people has truly helped me with my creative process.

How your phone can help you become a better photographer

In fact, the worse the tool (within reason of course) the better. Why? Because it forces you to get creative and to focus on the essential: composition and light.

Yes definition/sharpness will be crap. Yes there will be tons of noise on most pictures. So what?

I believe that everyone can benefit from owning a good camera. A DSLR with a good lens if budget allows. But a good photo is a good photo, regardless of the gear you use to take it. Camera phones have their strengths and their weaknesses, but by emphasizing the good and downplaying the bad, one can create magic with them!

Here are some tips that may help you do just that:

20 tips to improve your food photography

Shoot hungry. I know it will sound strange, but food photography is like fashion photography. You have to like/want/DESIRE your subject in order to take great sensual shots! They talk about “food porn” don’t they? Shoot at an angle (about 45°). It’s nice to have at least a few tri-dimentional shots in a series Tilt…

Of Spring, flowers, color and decadent sweetness…

First let me apologize for the splash of color today. It is quite loud and quite out of character for My French Heaven. Spring is here and with it the sun, the birds and the primroses on my lawn. I just feel happy and couldn’t resist… I also wanted to share with you the incredible…