The thanks I want to keep giving

You know I’m a big fan of friends and family reunions. Sadly Easter and Christmas are the last ones we really celebrate in France anymore. No one really cares about Bastille Day and we never even had Thanksgiving. Obviously. Oh how I wish we had Thanksgiving!!! I’d be planning and cooking for days…

The power of love, laughter and… persillade

I simply sear my scallops to a golden brown (about one minute on each side on medium to high heat) and then dump my persillade on top. I also like to add a bit of lemon juice to give it an extra kick. To die for!! Note that scallops are like calamari: they have to be cooked quickly so they don’t feel like rubber in your mouth. Some people slice them in half before cooking them. I don’t because they end up being thoroughly cooked before they have enough time to brown on the outside.

Scallops in lemon persillade

In France, scallops are fished in the “English” channel from October through May. It is considered an absolute delicacy and is often part of Christmas or New Year’s dinner menus. I prepare them in many different ways,

Stephane’s recipes: Coquilles St Jacques au bacon – Scallops & Bacon

Coupez les noix en deux dans l’épaisseur et faites les dorer à l’huile à feu vif. L’extérieur doit être doré et l’intérieur tout juste cuit (couleur entre translucide et blanc). Je ne fais plus mes St Jacques au beurre pour cette recette. Je préfère l’huile pour les cuissons rapides… Faites griller votre bacon sans ajouter…