Stephane’s recipes: Coquilles St Jacques au bacon – Scallops & Bacon

Coupez les noix en deux dans l’épaisseur et faites les dorer à l’huile à feu vif. L’extérieur doit être doré et l’intérieur tout juste cuit (couleur entre translucide et blanc). Je ne fais plus mes St Jacques au beurre pour cette recette. Je préfère l’huile pour les cuissons rapides…

Faites griller votre bacon sans ajouter de matière grasse. Ajoutez le en morceaux sur vos St Jacques et servez avec une salade ou comme ici des spaghettis de courgettes al dente. Une petite vinaigrette légère ne peut pas faire de mal non plus… C’est aussi délicieux avec des patates à l’eau et du beurre demi sel de la ferme…

Cut each scallop in half horizontally and lightly brown in oil over high heat. The outside should be golden but the inside barely cooked (color between white and translucent). I am no longer using butter for this recipe. I prefer oil for searing…

Grill your bacon without adding fat. Add the crispy pieces to your St Jacques and serve with a salad or as I did here with courgette spaghetti (al dente). A little bit of oil & vinegar dressing can’t hurt either … It is also delicious with boiled potatoes and salted butter from the farm …


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  1. Margie says:

    Whoa!! That looks delicious!!

  2. ruthieduh says:

    Need a “print” button…

    1. My French Heaven says:

      LOL 🙂

  3. fotogfoodie says:

    Delicious! And amazing photos! I reblogged it!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thanks again!

  4. fotogfoodie says:

    Reblogged this on fotog foodie and commented:
    I love scallops and I love bacon so this sounds heavenly. I will definitely have to try this. Also, the food photography is fantastic!

    Check this blog out!

  5. Elles sont très appétissante ces coquilles saint-Jacques un vrais régal . Bonne journée Jacques .

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Très rapide à faire aussi. Merci pour ton commentaire Jacques!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      You really should try this then:0)

  6. Gary Lum says:

    Beautiful images. I love scallops and bacon, especially together.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      My sister has a great recipe for a butter/chervil/vinegar/shallots vinaigrette that goes really well with this. I will steal it from her and share it on the blog little later:0)

  7. sybaritica says:

    Very nice … did you score the surface of the scallops or is that just an artifact from the frying?

    1. My French Heaven says:

      It is from the frying! I think that’s the best part:0) It does it less if you use butter. I guess the temperature of the oil rises higher and chocks the mussel more/better… Also, I find that the color is more uniform than with butter and it’s probably healthier as well.

  8. How do you say fancy in french? …You are too fancy for me. This is fancy food I live for!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thank you for the kind words, but nothing fancy here. Less than 5€ in produce and less than 5 minutes to prep:0) You know I had triple heart bypass surgery last year. I REFUSE to eat bad food now! Every single bite matters:0) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am starting a game on the blog tomorrow and the prize will be a 3 night stay at my B&B. I hope you enter the contest!

  9. Francesca says:

    Je ne sais pas quoi dire … formidable 🙂

    1. My French Heaven says:

      C’est adorable! En fait, moi, quand je ne sais pas quoi dire, c’est souvent parce que j’ai la bouche pleine:0) Merci encore pour venir si souvent!!!

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