A ghost in my kitchen – Un fantôme dans ma cuisine

Une des choses qui me plaisent le plus dans cette vieille maison, c’est que je ne suis jamais seul… J’ai mes fantômes. Les principaux sont ceux de ma grand-mère et de mon arrière-grand-mère (en photo ici). Elles sont toutes deux mortes de leur belle mort et veillent sur moi. IMG_1328 2

La maison est vieille et couverte de boiseries du sol au plafond à tous les étages. Et pourtant, bizarrement, il n’y a jamais un bruit… Pas de bois qui travaille, pas de hurlements du vent dans les combles, rien! En revanche, depuis mon installation, les objets se déplacent régulièrement. Ça va du bureau qui se retrouve en plein milieu d’une pièce, à des coups dans les murs de la lingerie, en passant par les fenêtres verrouillées retrouvées grande ouvertes au matin et les tableaux que je retrouve complètement de travers… Ont dit que les bons fantômes bougent les objets pour ne pas nous effrayer et que les mauvais se montrent… Ma famille est persuadée que je suis somnambule et que je déplace les objets moi même la nuit. Moi j’aime encore croire aux deux fantômes de ces femmes qui me manquent tant…

En tous cas, quand je serai moi même parti, j’ai décidé que je hanterais la maison avec elles. Je me chargerai de la cuisine bien sûr:0) Pas un seul de mes successeurs ne pourra faire monter une mayonnaise et j’aurai assez de placards à ouvrir et à fermer pour m’occuper pendant des années:0)mamie, manée

One of the things I like the most about this old house is that I’m never alone … I have my ghosts. The main ones are those of my grandmother and my great-grandmother (pictured here). They both died a natural death here in these walls and are watching over me.

The house is old and covered with wood paneling from floor to ceiling on all levels. And yet, strangely, there is never a noise… No wood working, no howling wind in the attic, nothing! However, since I moved in, objects move regularly. The desk will be found in the middle of the study, there is banging on the walls of the laundry room, locked windows are regularly found wide open in the morning and the pictures on the walls of the gallery are found crooked at least once a month… People say that good ghosts move objects so that they don’t frighten us (just trying to communicate) while bad ghosts will show themselves to you… My family is convinced that I’m sleepwalking and that I move the objects myself during the night. I still like to believe that the ghosts of those two women I miss so much are here with me:0)

In any case, I decided that, after I die, I will haunt the place with them. I’ll take care of the kitchen:0) Not one of my successors will be able to make a mayonnaise and there are enough closets I can open and close to keep me busy for years:0)Image 12-12-12 à 11.51 _Snapseed

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  1. acflory says:

    I began reading your blog [in French] to brush up on my own French, but I could not resist commenting on this post. I love the thought that those I have loved are watching over me, and that in time I may watch over another generation. Merci. 🙂

    1. My French Heaven says:

      I don’t know if I really believe in ghosts, but like you, I really, really want to! I love the idea! I think I believe actually but that I am too chicken to admit it…

      1. acflory says:

        lol – it sounds as if you have friendly poltergeists. Not that I’d admit to believing in them either. 😀

        1. My French Heaven says:


  2. I think that’s phenomenal! How wonderful that your loved ones are still with you in spirit! I too have a ghost of my own! So fun!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      :0) I think I might be sleep walking though. I should install cameras to get to the bottom of this///

  3. Oui….mais seront-ils cuisiner pour vous?

    1. My French Heaven says:

      C’est ça le problème! Il aurait fallu qu’une des cuisinières soit morte ici:0)

  4. A lovely home….lots of character, and I’m so glad I was able to read this, as I only speak English.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Very good. Welcome!!

  5. cookazido says:

    What a beautiful picture of your house! Thank you for sharing.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      You are very kind! Thank you!

  6. I believe in good ghosts. They are here to look over us.
    P.S. The sky is just so beautiful in your first picture.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thanks! I love that sky too! Hard to believe the picture wasn’t photoshopped…

  7. juliabarrett says:

    No, don’t haunt. See the world! I owned a restaurant – once upon a time – that was really and truly haunted. My staff and I affectionately referred to the ghost as ‘Mary’. She stacked, moved items, and occasionally called out names. The previous owner knew about her but neglected to tell me. I didn’t tell the next owner because she was an awful person but I did tell the chef who bought the restaurant after her. He adored Mary!
    Tell your family you’re not crazy. Many deceased family members haunted my grandmother’s house.

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thanks for the support Julia! I do need to believe in my ghosts! :0)

  8. komponglife says:

    Je ne connais pas ta maison, ni tes fantômes….mais maintenant je sais pourquoi je n’arrive jamais à monter la mayonnaise, reste à savoir, qui, chez moi, me joue ce petit tour !!!!

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Excellent! :0)

  9. Geo says:

    Et après, tu nous dis que tu ne bois pas…

    1. My French Heaven says:


  10. Dominique says:

    Sacré challenge que d’empêcher vos successeurs de monter une mayo!!!

    1. My French Heaven says:


  11. oversalted says:

    What a gorgeous old home…how amazingly blessed you are to be able to live in such a place with so many memories (and visitors) nearby. =)

    1. My French Heaven says:

      Thank you! And I know!! :0)

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