We all need chocolate today!

They will never take away our humanity. If anything, they will make us stronger and teach us to be more kind to one another. That’s the way to victory! That’s my thinking anyway…
So God (or whoever is watching from above) bless America and God bless our brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community. We love you all very much!
Let’s find a way to make others feel a tiny bit better today. One way to achieve that is to make a lovely cake for everyone to enjoy this evening when they come back from work or school. Here is my recipe for a quick and easy (and delicious) chocolate cake:

The real Willy Wonka

There I met the owner of the oldest and most renowned chocolate company in Bordeaux: Cadiot Badie

Mon gâteau au chocolat – My very own chocolate cake

Non, je suis un vilain menteur! Il s’agit de la recette de ma petite nièce:0) Mais bon, le résultat est le même: Il est absolument délicieux! Pour 6 à 8 personnes: – Faire fondre 200g de chocolat pâtissier avec 180g de beurre – Battre 6 oeufs entiers avec 300g de sucre en poudre jusqu’à ce…